How often to you read a positive story on fisheries around the world ? Often its about the steep decline of fisheries resources and collapsed fisheries.

Well here is a positive story from New Zealand.  An article recently released by the Government department responsible for managing the sustainability of New Zealand's fisheries...

The Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has now released its 2013 summaries of the Status of New Zealand’s Fisheries which confirms most New Zealand fisheries are performing well

For example both stocks of hoki have now increased for seven consecutive years and both are now well within or above their management targets. As a result it has been possible to increase the quota from 90,000 tonnes to 150,000 metric tonnes

The Campbell Island Rise stock of southern blue whiting remains at an historic high and a number of South Island inshore stocks of Gurnard, John dory and Silver Trumpeter have increased significantly.

A new assessment of Blue Cod in the southern South Island indicates that the stock is performing well.

James Stevenson-Wallace, Director Fisheries Management, MPI says the Ministry is committed to sustainable fisheries and that fish are a valuable resource in a number of different ways. He says New Zealand continues to be world-leading in the sustainable management of fishing, and the QMS gives fisheries managers the ability to address problems when they occur.

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Te Wae Wae Bay in Southland.  An area where many of the species we supply fresh chilled come from.