Hey Canada ! check out the New Zealand Red Sea Bream that arrived today into Vancouver & Toronto !! Look at those eyes...wow, good quality fish! The Red Bream (also known as Tai Snapper) is hook & line caught from a sustainable Bream stock off the east coast of the North Island, New Zealand.  The fishers spike the Bream quickly in the brain before putting the the fish in a slurry of ice and seawater.  This process is known as 'Iki Jime' and is a method of paralyzing and bleeding the fish to maintain its quality.  The New Zealand Red Sea Bream (or Snapper as its known in New Zealand) fishery is in good health.  The fishery rules have just been amended to ensure that New Zealand's growing human population doesn't affect the sustainability of this fish stock.  Latest reports from science and fishermen indicate this stock is growing in size.  Good to know that when you're eating your fresh NZ Snapper, you're eating fish from the worlds number one fisheries management system.

Hook & Line caught Snapper from New Zealand.  Sashimi grade