New Zealand's iconic and most sought after fish, the Blue Cod, is available in Toronto at Rodneys Oyster House on King West.  Blue Cod is a mild tasting seafood that has a flakey medium texture and is incredibly versatile.  The Blue Cod actually isn't a true cod, so isn't related to to the family of Cod, commonly known as Atlantic or Pacific Cod.  It is carefully managed under the New Zealand Quota Management system, so we can eat it happily knowing it will be here for the future.  The Blue Cod fishery is made up of small boats and charismatic fishermen who ply the wild southern coast of Foveaux Strait and Stewart Island using traps filled with bait to lure the Blue Cod in.  Thes traps are hauled and re-baited 4-5 times a day.  The boats are out at sea for 1-3 days depending on weather and catches.

Fishing Vessel 'Legacy' Skippered by Steven Leask of Bluff, NZ. Coming alongside a Blue Cod trap to haul and replace bait.