Two New Zealand delicacies:  Kato Sauvignon Blanc from the Awatere Valley and Kaipara Oysters, named after the harbour they're farmed in, the Kaipara Harbour.  

Kato's Marlborough Sav is from grapes grown in the Awatere Valley, an area where many of the best New Zealand wines come from.  The palate is crisp, fruity and fresh and finishes with a lively, citrus acidity. 

The New Zealand Kaipara Oysters grown in the cold high tidal flow areas of the Kaipara Harbour deliver a salty, sweet, earthly undertone with a cucumber finish.  

A lot of adjectives there!! But these two delicacies do pair well together.  


Kato Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with the Kaipara Oyster