What a summer! Vancouver sure knows how to turn on the sunshine!  People flock to the mountains, beaches and patios, the noisy crows disappear to cooler areas of the city allowing the streets to become somewhat quiet at 5am..zzzzz, music festivals are going off across the country and friends just kept on flying in weekend after weekend.  

Taking a step back to when I mentioned 'patios'...well what else is better than drinking bubbles or sav, slurping oysters & taking in the sunshine!? Add New Zealand Oysters to that combo..and well..nothing but!

New Zealand Oysters are in their prime over Canadian Summer (think meaty, sweet, salty, fresh). This is because its winter down there and they are busy feeding keeping warm, fattening up.

Meanwhile the local west coast Canadian oysters are busy keeping to themselves re-populating aka, making babies!! think creamy..thats their fertility - sperm/eggs!, and after releasing their young out into the open ocean to find something solid to attach themselves to and grow.  Not to forget about the constant health concern/threat from a toxic algae bloom (Red tide) and high vibrio counts.

So why eat a Canadian oyster over summer when there's perfect New Zealand oysters out there from June - October.  

Hey, I love North American Oysters too (in late fall-spring) and I wont touch a New Zealand Oyster when its their Summer! 

All I'm trying to point out is that oysters are seasonal and there are healthy, plump, non-spawning Oysters with zero health risk to eat over summer when you're enjoying that beautiful sunshine, good company and exceptional New Zealand wine at your local patio.

So in 2015 during Summer, ask for a Kaipara Oysters which are identical to West Coast oysters..just grown in New Zealand where it is opposite seasons.  Or, if you feel like experiencing a totally different species & taste ask for a Tio Point, the Native New Zealand Flat oyster!

For us, we've now stopped with the New Zealand Oysters till next year..its time for the Canadians to shine!  Keep an eye out for New Zealand Fish over the winter though.  Premium quality, sustainable and exotic.  Why fly to 'Middle Earth' when you can have a taste of it at your local restaurant. 


Kaipara Oysters from New Zealand on the podium at Chewies in Vancouver. 

Lots to choose from here, but I know what I'm buying..Kaipara & Tio Point from the winter waters of New Zealand. The other oysters on the menu are mostly spawning and are coming from warm summer waters

Where to eat NZ Kaipara Oysters? Everywhere...here is VP of 46 South, Jeremy Hill enjoying the Kaipara Oysters while taking the ferry from Vancouver to Nainamo

A delicious looking plate of freshly shucked New Zealand Oysters at Oyster Express in Vancouver.  Tio Points on the bottom, Kaipara Oysters on the top.