The unique native flat oyster Tiostrea Chilensis is known in New Zealand as the famous wild 'Bluff Oyster'.  But times are changing and after years of hard work Bruce Hearn and his team at Apex Marine farms have successfully been growing this flat oyster, named 'Tio Point', in the Marlborough Sounds at commercial harvest levels.  The Tio Point oyster is unique in the fact that a flat oyster isn't a common oyster found in restaurants & oyster houses.  Its a connoisseurs oyster that packs some punch with a steely salty taste and sweet undertone.  Tio Points are plump, premium and sustainably grown on ropes in the cold nutrient rich waters of the Marlborough Sounds.  The oyster for the first time made its way to Canada this past weekend for the NZ Passionate Pairings event and won best pairing by popular vote with another NZ delicacy, 'Sophora Sparkling cuvée'.  This event was part of the 2014 Vancouver International Wine Festival.  We look forward to seeing more these unique bivalves in oyster houses over the Canadian summer.