We recently paired up with Long Table Distillery (Vancouver's first Micro-Distillery) to showcase the Tio Point Oyster (ostrea chilensis) & Kaipara Oyster (craosstrea gigas) along with Long Table's spectacular gin! All I have to say is WOW !

I would of never thought gin paired so well with oysters.  Rodney Clark introduced me to whiskey and flats (Tio Point, Bluff's, Galway, Belon, Maine Belon) back in Toronto and the match surprised me.  I'm delighted to share with readers that the same can be said for gin and oysters...both flats & gigas.

The afternoon was a good opportunity to showcase 'in season' cold water oysters from New Zealand.  An alternative to the local oysters dwindling in the summer heat.  Oysters put their energy into spawning when the waters warm up hence why we bring over in-season oysters from colder waters with nice well textured meats.  Oyster Bob, chief shucker from the new Boulevard restaurant showed up to lend a hand.  He was stoked to see oysters of such quality as were the people who were invited to join us and try them.

The other reason one should consider a New Zealand oyster during North American summer is the warmer waters play havoc to whats known as 'red tide' forcing farm closures.  So if you want a well stocked raw bar, contact us and we can point you in the direction of one our distributors or help you become a distributor if you don't see the New Zealand products in your area.

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