There is a lot of fish out there!

Canadians have grown accustomed to what's available locally and we expect it all year. Fish, however, especially wild fish, are not meant to fit our daily demand. Many of our Canadian favourites are seasonal, including Salmon and Halibut. To get through our seafood seasons, many of the fish have been frozen or farmed. As we know, or are aware of, Canadians are not fond of frozen or farmed fish. The issue is the negative stigma surrounding those two options. So what other options do we have?

There are many offerings year-round to hold us over until the fresh local season starts. To begin with, farmed fish is not as harmful or unnatural as it once was. There are many farmed options that are sustainable, organic, and Ocean Wise. The issue people have with these farmed options comes from mishandling fish farms in the past. As a result, no one trusts these new farmed products. For example, ALL trout in B.C. is farmed. This is the only option available for commercial use and is not only sustainable, but Ocean Wise as well. For a 46 South offering, we can provide Farmed Chinook Salmon (King) from multiple farms in New Zealand which are the only Ocean Wise farmed Chinook Salmon to date. Though not Ocean Wise, there is also an organic certified, Pacific Chinook Salmon farm in Tofino. Farmed options are vastly improving, and moving forward in the seafood industry, they are becoming increasingly necessary.

A more fun solution to this issue is to try something new! Starting with Oysters; every year Canadians hear the same thing about oysters in the summer getting us sick. Instead of waiting to satisfy your craving, try oysters from the Southern Hemisphere where its winter during Canadian summer... say, Coromandel, Kiwa, Bluff and Kaipara Oysters! Opposite seasons mean we can have the highest quality oysters during a time of the year when local oysters need a break (Summer/early fall).

What else is there? TONS! Favourites like Halibut and Salmon are not in season for at least five months of the year. So instead, why not find a delicious substitute? Available fresh from New Zealand are many substitutes that resemble Canada's local fish.  Aside from fish that share the same name (Skate, Monkfish, Ling) there are fish that are not widely known. Hake and Blue Cod is a perfect cod/lingcod substitute. Bluenose is great for halibut and sablefish lovers. Red Fish, New Zealand Bream and even Alfonsino are great for snapper fanatics. Turbot is an amazing flatfish resembling flounder and halibut.

The bottom-line is, there is so much fish out there that needs to be tried by fish lovers everywhere. Why not break out of the usual and the norm for something fun and exciting. Rather than waiting for the same fish every year, have amazing fish anytime you want.

Just a taste of what's out there... Some beautiful iki jime variety from  Leefish New Zealand.    

Just a taste of what's out there... Some beautiful iki jime variety from Leefish New Zealand.