Coromandel oysters from the pristine waters of New Zealand made their way to Canada this summer.  They were a popular summer and early fall choice along with the Kaipara Oysters we have been importing for the last 2 years.  Both the Coromandel and Kaipara oyster are from New Zealand's North Island.  The Coromandel Oyster is named after the area that its is grown in, the waters surrounding Coromandel peninsular.  

South of the 49th parallel, the Coromandel Oyster has been receiving accolades from oyster connoisseurs in New York, Los Angeles and San Fransisco.  This year it spread its wings north to Canada where it has now become established as a Summer / Fall oyster choice for Canadians.  Its partner in crime, the Kaipara has also settled itself nicely into Canadian oyster houses.  This allows Canadians to have two in season oyster selections over the warmer months.

The Coromandel Oyster is known for its briny flavour, buttery texture, firm plump meats and sweet aftertaste.  It is grown on the eastern side of the North Island in bags supported off the bottom by racks.  These bags are exposed at low tide allowing the oyster to get use to being out of water before being eaten.  This helps with extending shelf life.  The Coromandel Oyster, like the Kaipara Oysters is a 'wild set' oyster which means in February when the oysters are spawning, the farmers collect the baby oysters (spat).

If you didn't get the chance to try the Coromandel Oysters or Kaipara this season then be sure to give them a whirl next summer/fall.  You wont be disappointed !