New Zealand Kaipara oysters, farmed in the big inland harbour from which their name is derived, will be ready soon for Canada.  The waters are cooling in New Zealand which is the trigger the oysters require to focus on feeding and thus 'fatten up'.  We expect our first shipment into Vancouver in June.  The season will run from June - end of October.  This is the opposite of North American oysters, which tend to do not so well in the summer months.  

This is because North American oysters spawn during summer which means the oysters are soft and full of spawn.  Once they've spawned it takes them time to bounce back to firm tasty meats.  Oyster farms in North America will also shut down at times over warmer months due to algae blooms and vibrio concerns.  

This  happens with the New Zealand oysters also in summer, but their summer is reverse.  Globalization does have its benefits.. year round supply of tasty, firm, vibrio free oysters !! Think of it like fruit...we often see at supermarkets local produce when in season.  Once local produce is unavailable due to seasonal changes, supermarkets will supply from countries down south...same goes with oysters.  Here is a recent picture of the Kaipara oysters.. they're not far off from ready.