We know what iki jime is and we know how iki jime affects the fish, but what does that mean for us fish lovers here in Canada ? It means versatility and using your favourite fish to the fullest! If you're not sure what ikijime is, read our previous post "IKI JIME - ASK FOR NOTHING LESS!" 

Iki jime delays the rigour mortis phase of the fish and extends the shelf life. This means that even after a long flight all the way from New Zealand, you can still enjoy fresh, never frozen sashimi here in Canada ! There are many raw or semi-raw dishes you can create with our long list of iki jime fish. Red Sea Bream or Madai Crudo, Wakame and Salt Cured Yellowtail / Hiramasa, Trevally / Shima Aji Tataki, Nannygai Ceviche, Gurnard / Houbou Sashimi and the list goes on.

Another fun feature of iki jime fish is aging fish. This is a feature we don't see too often because we don't see fish come in as freshly as we'd like. Aging fish is exactly as it sounds - purposely leaving fish for an extra amount of time before using it in one way or another. This can change the flavours and texture of the fish drastically just by leaving (with some TLC) for a period of time. 

The freshest fish that changes flavours as it ages added to your favourite recipes. The complexity is deep but it's as simple as amazing, fresh, delicious fish! But I'm no chef and you shouldn't take my word for it. Instead, look for fresh New Zealand Ikijime fish from a fish-lover near you, and taste it for yourself.